Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2019

A Digital Marketing Case Study


Adani Ahmedabad Marathon, an initiative by the Adani Group, is dedicated to the cause of supporting the Indian armed forces. As a conscious corporate citizen, The Adani Group is committed to fulfilling the role of community and nation building, and facilitate the dreams of its people. The marathon is designed to bring the people of Gujarat together in a show of strength, bonding and harmony. It aims to promote healthy and prosperous living, while paying tribute to our brave soldiers and their families. The charity run channels the gratitude and goodwill that Gujarat feels towards the army into actionable steps and funds for the cause.


July 2019 - November 2019


Digital Marketing


To get massive numbers of registrations for the marathon.


To design the various types of graphics, which included graphics for Registration, Early bird offers, BIB Expo, Family Run, Doctors on Running/Doctors Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Race Time for the marathon, Independence Day, Independence Day offer, Kargil Diwas and many more.


Travrse Media was associated with this campaign as their Social Media Partner. As a part of this project, Travrse Media was responsible for creation as well as ideation of all the graphics across various social media platforms. Apart from that, we also designed the graphics for hoardings and print adverts.

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