Amdavad Hit Chhe

A Digital Marketing Case Study


India’s first World Heritage City, Ahmedabad is rich in culture, history and heritage. Every nook and corner of the city is filled with intriguing and unheard stories. From business to food to folk music and dance, our city is a mix of many vibrant colors and this is what makes Amdavad a hit!


To create content, manage the social media campaign and online promotions.


To ignite the feeling of pride and pay homage to the city’s history, stories and people by engaging them for 4-5 weeks with an all round campaign that will drive home the point that Adani Realty is celebrating the city of Ahmedabad.


As a part of this campaign, Travrse Media was responsible for all the digital activities which included handling Adani Realty’s social media presence across various digital platforms, creating and ideating the graphics, handling the digital adverts.


August 2020 - September 2020


Digital Marketing

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