Gujarat Giants

A Giant Leap! Branding strategies that mold champions

Travrse for Adani Sportsline

Adani Sportsline has professional sporting teams hailing from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Competing as Gujarat Giants in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) & Ultimate Kho-Kho League (UKK), since 2017, the team is owned by Adani Sportsline, the sports arm of the Adani Group. With a vision to embody power, strength, and energy, Gujarat Giants turned to our expertise to upgrade their brand identity and solidify their presence in the highly competitive league.


The Gujarat Giants aspired to create a brand that resonated with their core values of strength and resilience. Their existing logo—a muscular Giant clad in a red ‘dhoti’ with a ’tilak’ on his forehead—already symbolized these attributes.

However, they needed a comprehensive branding strategy that extended beyond the logo to include apparel, marketing materials, and overall identity design.
Tackling the Challenge

Despite their strong foundation and competitive spirit, Gujarat Giants faced the challenge of establishing a distinct and memorable brand identity in the crowded sports field. To achieve this, they needed to communicate their values effectively and create a cohesive visual identity that would resonate with fans and stakeholders alike. This is where our collaboration began, aiming to transform their brand into a powerhouse that matched their on-field prowess.


Branding & Apparel Design

Role of Travrse Media

Understanding the critical need for a strong and cohesive brand identity, we began our journey to redesign and revamp the Gujarat Giants’ visual and promotional presence. Although the logo was already established, our focus was on expanding and enhancing the overall brand identity. Our goal was to create a dynamic and engaging identity that not only represented the team’s values but also captivated the audience.

Scoring a Bold Transformation
Apparel Design

Our primary focus was on designing the team’s apparel kit, ensuring that it reflected the Giants’ powerful image. The kit included jerseys, shorts, and accessories, all designed to enhance the team’s on-field presence and make a statement in the league. The use of bold colors, dynamic patterns, complemented their existing iconic Giant logo design, and ensured that the apparel stood out while conveying a sense of unity and strength.

Marketing Materials

In addition to the apparel, we designed a range of marketing materials to promote the Gujarat Giants brand. This included emailers, flags, bus posters, and standees, all crafted to maintain consistency in branding and messaging. The visuals were designed to be striking and memorable, creating a strong connection with the fans and enhancing the team’s visibility.

Brand Identity

To further solidify the Giants’ identity, we worked on creating a comprehensive branding strategy that encompassed all aspects of their visual presence. From the development of a unique color palette and typography to the overall visual aesthetics, every element was carefully chosen to reflect the team’s core values and competitive spirit.

Winning Results

Our collaboration with Gujarat Giants resulted in a transformative branding experience. The team’s new apparel kit became a symbol of pride for both the players and the fans, enhancing their visibility and on-field presence. The marketing materials effectively communicated the Giants’ message, increasing fan engagement and loyalty.

The cohesive brand identity we created ensured that every touchpoint, from jerseys to promotional banners, consistently conveyed the team’s values of power, strength, and energy. This not only elevated the Giants’ image within the Pro Kabaddi League but also positioned them as a formidable brand in the sports industry.

Key Takeaways

1. A strong and cohesive brand identity is crucial for standing out in a competitive sports market.

2. Effective apparel design can enhance team unity and presence on the field.

3. Consistent and engaging marketing materials help build a strong connection with fans and stakeholders.

4. Leveraging core values in branding can create a memorable and impactful identity.


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