Lights. Camera. Action. Plus, PROMOTION! — Insights from ‘Hellaro’ Film


In cinema, exceptional storytelling often takes centre stage…yet, even the most brilliant films can fall short at the box office if they fail to involve adequate promotion. Countless masterpieces have gone unnoticed by the masses, overshadowed by blockbuster releases and lacking the marketing and push needed to reach their full potential.

The Story of Hellaro

Amidst this backdrop, the film Hellaro, already heralded as a cinematic gem even before its official release. Winner of the National Film Award for Best Feature Film, Hellaro garnered widespread acclaim for its poignant narrative and visually stunning portrayal of Gujarat’s folk culture. However, the common perception associated with National Award-winning films as art house productions posed a unique challenge. Many believed such films lacked mainstream entertainment value, making it essential for Hellaro to break through this stereotype and reach a wider audience.

The Difference – Promotion with Purpose

What set Hellaro apart from its counterparts was not just its cinematic excellence, but the strategic promotion that accompanied it. Travrse Media recognized the importance of promoting Hellaro as not just an artistic endeavor but also an engaging and entertaining cinematic experience. Therefore we set out on a mission to ensure Hellaro reached its intended audience in full force. This included Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Print Media, Outdoor Media, and more. With our experience and expertise in this field, we cracked the film’s promotional identity design, and how!

People almost felt like Hellaro was everywhere they turned. That’s no coincidence – it was us! From their morning scroll through social media where actors were buzzing about it, to flipping through the newspaper and spotting our eye-catching posters, and even hitting the streets and catching a glimpse of Hellaro on towering billboards – we made sure the film left an indelible mark wherever people went. Oh and not to overlook the merchandise – from mugs to T-Shirts, the film’s presence was tangible, making sure they were reminded of its brilliance.

Travrse Media’s Strategic Promotion
Social Media

Engaging social media marketing campaigns across platforms created significant buzz and anticipation for Hellaro, reaching diverse audiences. Instagram Reels, Instagram Posts and Carrousels particularly generated the much-needed buzz.

Print Media

Strategically placed print advertisements in newspapers and magazines extended Hellaro’s visibility beyond the digital arena.


Towering billboards in key locations ensured Hellaro caught the attention of passersby, reinforcing its presence in the public eye.


Captivating merchandise designs, including mugs and T-shirts, enhanced Hellaro’s brand identity and acted as reinforcement.

The Impact

The impact of our efforts was tangible, as Hellaro captivated audiences and dominated the box office. Despite facing competition from larger productions, our strategic promotion ensured Hellaro’s success, drawing audiences from all walks of life to experience its magic on the big screen. The impressive engagement statistics on Facebook and Instagram attest to the effectiveness of our digital marketing and social media promotion efforts, demonstrating the widespread reach and resonance of Hellaro’s message.




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For directors and producers seeking to pull audiences towards the silver screen, Travrse Media offers a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional promotion. Our track record of success in promoting films showcases our ability to navigate unique challenges and ensure maximum visibility and engagement. With Travrse Media, you can trust that your film will not only be celebrated for its artistic merit but also reach the widest possible audience.

Hit or Miss?

Through our experience over the years, we’ve learnt that Strategic promotion can make all the difference between a hit and a miss. By coupling its inherent brilliance with purposeful digital marketing and social media marketing efforts, Hellaro transcended the barriers that often hinder lesser-known films, solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon. This success story underscores the transformative power of storytelling when paired with effective promotion, serving as a reminder of the importance of strategic marketing in elevating cinematic masterpieces to hit status.

Want to pull your audience towards the silver screen? Let Travrse Media guide you on your digital journey.