Mayflower Women’s Hospital

In Full Bloom! How Creative Branding & Digital Strategies Redefined Mayflower Women’s Hospital


In the ever-evolving healthcare sector, standing out and creating a meaningful connection with the audience is crucial.

Mayflower Women’s Hospital in Ahmedabad aimed to break stereotypes and foster a safe space for women to discuss the health issues openly.

They asked themselves a straightforward question: “How do we transform our digital presence to resonate deeply with women and encourage open dialogue?

Seeds of Hope

Mayflower Women’s Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored for women. Located in Ahmedabad, the hospital sought to stand out among numerous women’s hospitals by fostering a vibrant, supportive community where women could openly discuss and learn about various health issues.

Their mission was clear: to create a digital presence that felt like a “warm hug”, making serious health discussion approachable and engaging.
Uprooting the Challenge

Despite their excellent services, Mayflower Women’s Hospital faced the challenge of differentiating themselves in a saturated market. They didn’t want to be just another women’s hospital; they aimed to stand out by creating a digital presence that resonated deeply with women and fostered open conversations about often-overlooked health issues.

This required a delicate balance of information and quirky content to ensure that Mayflower’s message was both engaging and memorable, breaking away from the common approach of traditional healthcare pages on social media in healthcare industry.
Role of Travrse Media

Understanding the critical need for an engaging and supportive digital presence, Mayflower Women’s Hospital partnered with Travrse Media to revamp their social media strategy and content creation. Our role was to develop and execute a notable design language and a comprehensive digital marketing plan that would not only highlight their services but also create a platform for open dialogue about women’s health issues. Travrse Media focused on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to reach a wider audience.

Travrse Media took on the challenge of crafting a unique brand identity and content strategy that broke stereotypes and fostered a safe space for women on social media in healthcare industry.

Our approach was twofold: first, to design visually engaging and relatable content that communicated serious health issues in an approachable manner; second to execute targeted performance marketing and lead generation campaigns to maximize reach and engagement.

By leveraging our expertise in social media management, social media marketing, content creation, and performance marketing, we aimed to position Mayflower Women’s Hospital as a trusted and relatable voice in women’s healthcare. Travrse Media’s efforts focused on making the hospital’s social media feel like a ‘warm hug,’ ensuring that every piece of content was both informative and engaging.


Digital Marketing

The Fertilizers: Innovative Solutions and Creating Strategies
Collaborative Efforts and Strategic Planning

Team Travrse Media collaborated closely with doctors and experts at Mayflower Women’s Hospital to develop a cohesive digital strategy. We engaged in detailed sessions with the medical professionals to understand the nuances of women’s health issues, ensuring that our content was both accurate and informative. This collaborative approach involved working as an integrated team, meticulously planning every aspect from video production to copywriting, with rigorous fact-checking to maintain the highest standards of authenticity.

Recognizing the immense responsibility of managing a hospital’s digital presence, we focused on preserving the trust of the followers by delivering genuine and reliable information.

Team Travrse Media’s efforts were grounded in a deep understanding of the subject matter, ensuring that every piece of content was not only engaging but also truthful and respectful of the audience’s trust.

Content Creation and Social Media Management

Travrse Media designed and managed social media content across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube that was both quirky and informative, covering topics from pregnancy and PCOD to endometriosis and painful sex. Our goal was to create a platform where women could freely discuss and relate to these issues, transforming taboo topics into engaging conversations.

Our posts were vibrant, fun, and highly shareable, often using meme-like formats and moment marketing to keep the content relatable and timely.

We also incorporated fact-sharing and myth-busting content, making complex medical information accessible, debunking common misconceptions, and valuable information by Gynaecologists (Doctors).

EndoStrong Campaign
One of the notable initiatives by Mayflower Women’s Hospital supported by Travrse Media was the EndoStrong campaign on Instagram and Facebook which is also a great example of on-point social media marketing. It aimed at educating the people about the different stages of endometriosis.

This campaign included a call to action to join a WhatsApp support group, fostering a sense of community among women dealing with this condition. The campaign featured educational reels, videos of doctors providing solutions, and engaging posts that encouraged discussion and support. The EndoStrong Campaign launched on 8th June, covered by Ahmedabad Mirror, featured Preeti Das as moderator and had more than 10 attendees, including men, building a community of people to talk about endometriosis.

Performance Marketing and Lead Generation
Travrse Media executed exhaustive lead generation campaigns and performance marketing strategies, utilizing Google ads and creating targeted landing pages to drive engagement.

Our approach included designing intuitive forms for easy data collection and interaction, ensuring a seamless user experience that converted interest into actionable leads.

Creative Design Work

Our design efforts extended to creating brochures, catalogs, and comic books that addressed serious topics in an engaging and approachable manner.

Notable projects included:

Brochure (All About Her)

In a fresh and informative format, this was a detailed overview showcasing state-of-the-art facilities, expert medical staff, and cutting-edge technology, available at Mayflower Women’s Hospital, offering women a comprehensive resource for their healthcare requirements.

Comic Book on Infertility

An innovative way to discuss infertility, making the topic more approachable through storytelling.

Leaflets in Cosmetology, Postpartum, Endometriosis, and IVF Labs:

Informative leaflets that provided essential information on these topics, designed to be both educational and visually appealing.

Visual Content and Aesthetics

Travrse Media produced engaging videos, reels, and vox pop content that stood out on Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our shoots were carefully crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that the visual content was helpful and resonated with the audience. From informational videos featuring doctors to fun, interactive content pieces, our goal was to make serious topics engaging and easy to understand.

Website and Health Packages

Travrse Media developed a dedicated website for Mayflower’s health packages, ensuring it was user-friendly and informative. This included comprehensive information about various health services, interactive elements to engage visitors, and clear calls to action to encourage bookings and inquiries.

Comprehensive Branding

Our work also included designing a range of hospital materials such as bedsheets, pillow covers, and standees that aligned with the brand’s vibrant and welcoming aesthetic. These elements helped to create a cohesive and comforting environment for patients, reinforcing the hospital’s image as a supportive and approachable healthcare provider.

The Fruits: A Happy and Engaged Community

Travrse Media redefined the digital presence of Mayflower Women’s Hospital by creating a holistic, wellness-focused platform that breaks the mold of traditional hospital pages in India.

The page doesn’t just feel like a hospita;’s; it embodies a preventive and awareness-oriented approach that is light-hearted yet focused on problem-solving.

Travrse Media used memes, music, Bollywood references, Instagram polls, interactive buttons, stickers, and GIFs to make the content fun and relatable. This innovative and vibrant design strategy ensured that serious health topics were presented in an engaging, non-serious tone, making them more approachable and shareable.

Although the content is primarily for and about women, it maintains a universal appeal including men in conversations about relevant health topics like safe sex.

Travrse Media’s unique voice and creative content made Mayflower’s social media a standout in the healthcare industry, driving higher engagement and building a strong, connected community.

This inclusive approach emphasizes that while Mayflower is a women’s hospital, men’s awareness and participation are equally important.

Travrse Media successfully doubled their organic engagement rate on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. By addressing serious women’s health issues in an accessible manner, we fostered a community that celebrates and supports women. The EndoStrong campaign alone brought together 100+ individuals in a supportive WhatsApp group. The unique aesthetics and informative yet fun approach attarcted increased follwership, with the audience eagerly anticipating our content and regulary interacting with doctors through Q&A sessions.

Key Takeaways
1. Consistency and uniqueness

Regular and unique content creation is essential for maintaining engagement and building a strong brand identity.

2. Understanding the audience

Knowing the audience’s needs and creating relatable content is crucial for effective communication.

3. Combining fun and information

Balancing quirkiness with informative content makes complex topics approachable and engaging.

4. Interactive campaigns

Creating interactive and community-driven campaigns helps in building strong connections and trust.

5. Uniform design language

Developing a uniform design language across all branding materials enhances brand recognition and fosters a cohesive brand identity, making a complete circle of brand consistency and audience connection.


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