Prescribing Success! How brand identity transformation catalyzed Northstar Diagnostics into a household name


In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the importance of proactive diagnostics and preventative testing cannot be overstated. Northstar Diagnostics, with its vision of offering state-of-the-art diagnostic services, aimed to transform the way individuals approach their health.

Their mission was clear: To shift the focus from the reactive treatment to proactive prevention, ensuring early detection and comprehensive health monitoring through advanced clinical pathological laboratory services.
Vision for Comprehensive Diagnostics

Northstar Diagnostics was founded with the objective of creating a holistic diagnostic facility that not only provided accurate and timely test results but also empowered patients with actionable health insights.

Their innovative approach included a smart reporting system that was color-coded for easy interpretation, a feature designed to make health information accessible and understandable for everyone This emphasis on user-friendly and holistic diagnostics set Northstar apart in the healthcare sector.
The Ailment:

Despite their cutting-edge facilities and forward-thinking approach, Northstar Diagnostics faced a significant challenge: breaking into a market dominated by a few well-established names. The prominent players in Ahmedabad had built strong reputations and customer loyalty over the years, making it difficult for newer entrants to gain visibility and trust. Northstar needed to create a brand presence that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition to truly stand out. This required not only showcasing their state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive diagnostic services but also building a strong, recognizable brand that resonated with the local community. This is where Travrse Media came into the picture, bringing our expertise in brand identity and digital marketing to help Northstar achieve their goals.

Role of Travrse Media:

Northstar initially approached us for assistance in creating a distinctive brand identity that would resonate with their mission and values. Our task was to design a brand that communicated their commitment to quality, accessibility, and preventive healthcare. Leveraging our digital marketing proficiency and design acumen, we devised a comprehensive plan to bolster Northstar’s recognition, transform their outreach strategy and promote their services as the premier choice in Ahmedabad.

Leveraging our digital marketing proficiency and design acumen, we devised a comprehensive plan to bolster Northstar’s recognition, transform their outreach strategy and promote their services as the premier choice in Ahmedabad.





Digital Marketing

A Healthy Transformation:
The Logo:

At the forefront of our design endeavours was the creation of Northstar’s logo—a visual representation of their commitment to accessibility and quality healthcare. Drawing inspiration from their vision to bring testing services directly to people’s homes, we ingeniously incorporated a Google map icon fused with a hospital cross symbol.

Brand Image:

Beyond the logo, our design journey extended to conceptualizing and refining additional identity components, including scrub coat designs and identity cards, conceptualizing and directing team photo-shoots and designing stationery. Each element was meticulously crafted to reflect Northstar’s ethos of reliability and professionalism. From the sleek and modern designs, to intuitive layouts, every detail was thoughtfully considered to enhance Northstar’s brand image and reinforce their position as a trusted healthcare provider.

Smart Reporting:

A standout feature of Northstar’s services was their smart reporting system. Unlike typical lab reports, Northstar’s reports were color-coded for easy interpretation, offering a holistic and user-friendly approach to diagnostics. These reports not only presented test results but also provided insightful solutions for deficiencies, making them practical and helpful. While we did not directly handle the strategic aspect of this system, our design expertise was instrumental in creating the letterheads, report templates, and the overall design framework that facilitated this innovative approach.

Testing Times:

During the onset of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northstar Diagnostics found themselves in a pivotal position to address the escalating need for reliable testing services. As the lockdown restrictions eased and travel resumed, the demand for COVID-19 testing surged, particularly among travelers. In this scenario, where COVID-19 was more contagious but less severe, the emphasis shifted towards proactive testing to mitigate the risk of transmission.

Northstar swiftly capitalized on the changing landscape by amplyfying the promotion of their doorstep COVID-19 testing services, catering to the escalating demand for accessible and reliable testing options.

This strategic reinforcement underscored the significance of heightened brand awareness and visibility, particularly in a city like Ahmedabad, where the necessity for testing services was accentuated by the resurgence of travel activities.

Insights of the Treatment:

Ours was a comprehensive strategy aimed at leveraging the power of social media to promote their services with a focus on prevention. Central to our approach was the strategic positioning of Northstar as a proactive solution provider.

Strategically placed kiosks not only catered to the immediate testing needs of travelers but also served as powerful branding assets, showcasing Northstar’s commitment to accessibility and reliability.

Travrse Media played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life by designing the kiosks and developing accompanying stationery that reflected Northstar’s brand identity seamlessly.

The Reports

Northstar Diagnostics was successful in their endeavor to enhance their brand visibility and make a lasting impact in proactive diagnostics and preventive healthcare. Through our collaborative efforts, Northstar’s brand became synonymous with reliability and accessibility in Ahmedabad’s healthcare landscape.

Strategic communication and innovation branding strategies helped in positioning Northstar as a leader in both preventive diagnostics and COVID-19 testing.
Key Takeaways

1) Understanding the local context and challenges is essential for effective brand communication during a crisis.

2) Innovative design elements can serve as powerful visual cues to communicate brand values and offerings effectively.

3) Strategic digital marketing efforts are crucial for creating brand awareness and driving customer engagement.

4) Offering convenient and accessible solutions can significantly enhance brand reputation and customer trust in times      of need.

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